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Shahrukh kicks Katrina out of Temptation

The otherwise cool and composed man Shahrukh Khan seems to have not taken the recent spat with Salman Khan lightly. He and his wife Gauri Khan left Katrina Kaif's birthday party recently following a spat with Katrina's boyfriend Salman, who threw the party. Now, Shahrukh has responded in his won way.

The news is doing the rounds that Katrina is no longer a part of Shahrukh's Temptation Reloaded Tour. It is said that Katrina, who was part of the tour along with Arjun Rampal, Kareena Kapoor, Javed Ali, Anushka Dandekar and Ganesh Hedge, has fallen victim to King Khan's wrath. She is out of the tour now.

But is it fair on the part of Shahrukh to come down heavily on Katrina because of Salman? Well, he will reap what he sow at the end of the day because Katrina has a huge fan following.

Katrina Kaif : Bollywood’s Queen of Hearts

In an industry and era when experimenting with ones roles is the norm and versatility is the benchmark through which an actor graduates from being just an actor to a successful performer, Katrina Kaif is one actress who has stayed away from experimentation.

Her looks, dressing style and even her demeanor and deportment have remained unchanged throughout her movies. But that didn’t make the few movies old actress to become one of the most sorted after in Bollywood. Indiatimes Movies lists down Kat’s similar performances in different movies.

Salman Katrina splitsville?

If the rumour mills are to be believed Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif’s relationship is on the rocks. Supposedly, the salman-shahrukh incident was the final blow to their relationship.

Kats seems to be blaming salman for the whole episode as she believes that as a host, it was salman’s responsibility to look after the guests and not fight with them. And apart from that, it’s an open secret that it was Salman who started the fight in the first place after getting drunk.

But this fight was just one of the many reasons for the drift between the couple. Trouble seemed to have been brewing between them for quite some time now. Salman had apparently been advising kats against working on some film projects and he also had objections to some of the clothes she wore for her films. But Kats never took his advice.

Will Salman ever learn to control his temper and stay out of trouble!?

Katrina Kaif on her Silver Jubilee

Katrina Kaif turns a year older today and opens another chapter in her blooming career that has witnessed as many as five consecutive box office successes in a row. Namastey London, Partner, Apne, Welcome and Race have all been hits that have made Katrina Kaif, a serious contender for sitting pretty much in the top ledge of Bollywood actresses.

Says a prominent filmmaker who himself comes with a record of delivering consecutive multi-crore box office blockbusters, "Katrina Kaif is truly on a dream run and it would be foolhardy to judge her fortunes by calling her as a lucky heroine. The fact is that she has carefully planned her career while her selection of films has been impeccable."

He goes on to add, "Even before her Big 5 films came, her Humko Deewana Kar Gaye didn't really lose any money. Also, one can't forget that though she didn't have a lengthy role in Sarkar, the film was a hit. One can't take away this credit from her. With her recent films giving her quite a lot of visibility, both from acting and song-n-dance routine perspective, Katrina is commanding a very good standing for herself."

As per trade insiders, Katrina is considered amongst the select few who commands a price and gets it as well. Professionalism is another virtue which goes in her favor which has made Katrina Kaif a darling amongst the filmmakers as well.

A few even believe that if Akshay Kumar is fast aiming for the 'King' tag, even Katrina could soon qualify as a 'Queen', courtesy her great track record with the man who himself is riding high on more than half-a-dozen back-to-back successes (barring Tashan). Her Singh Is Kinng and Yuvraaj are hot in the trade circles as well which brings her closer to making it seven-in-a-row.

On her films which are currently on floor, Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani is looking hot too, considering her first time pairing with Ranbir Kapoor. With Raj Kumar Santoshi at the helm of affairs, the film which also stars Upen Patel, is currently being shot in Ooty. The film is special because for the first time, Katrina is working with someone who belongs to her own age group.

Says a source attached to the film's crew, "Chemistry between Katrina and Ranbir is pretty palpable; quite obviously since both of them belong to the same age group. In the past Katrina has worked with the likes of Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna, Anil Kapoor, Govinda and Abhishek Bachchan - all of whom have been elder to her by a decent margin. However, with Ranbir, it's a different kind of a comfort feel altogether since the two youngsters are clearly having fun."

Happy Birthday, Katrina Kaif !

Katrina Kaif turned 24 on 16th July. It has been a short but bumpy road to success for the actress.

Born to Indian and British parents, Katrina Kaif reached Bollywood with the handicaps of a Brit Accent and a big build that outmatched that of most heroes. But after four years, last year proved immensely fortunate for the actress as she starred in four big hits- Namastey London, Apne, Partner and Welcome. This year, she was also part of the first big hit of the year namely, Race.

Katrina Kaif was raised in Hawaii and reached London in her teens when she started modeling. Modeling brought her into India and finally to Bollywood. She is one of eight siblings, all girls. Her father is a Kashmiri and mother, British.

She gives the credit of her success to her fans and luck.” I don’t think it’s a matter of where you place yourself. It’s a matter of how your fans feel about you and where the industry finds you. At this particular place I think I am lucky to be able to say that I do get offers for a lot of films,” Katrina Kaif said.

She is also clear headed about where she is poised. ” “I am pretty clear about what I want to do. I don’t want to go down the road doing serious cinema. I am happy doing commercial films. The fun films give the audience time to escape the monotony in everyday life,” she said

Katrina Kaif’s future projects generating buzz are Singh is Kinng and Yuvraj.

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Katrina and Ranbir’s rocking chemistry!

Katrina KaifFinally the ‘it’ and ‘hit’ girl of Bollywood, Katrina Kaif has been paired opposite someone her age.

Kats is in Ooty shooting with Ranbir Kapoor and the two apparently, get along very well. On the sets of Raj Kumar Santoshi’s Ajab Prem ki Ghazab Kahani , their chemistry is something to look out for, say sources.

“It’s the first time Kat is opposite a hero of her age. So obviously with two young, good looking people together on screen, the chemistry is bound to be awesome. Everyone who was present on the sets of the film couldn’t stop raving about how good they look together!” informs the source.

Movie interview: Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif

Shes been the proverbial hidden horse, in the way she has inched her way up to the top leaving bigger stars behind. Her recent performance promoting her film Singh is king with Akshay Kumar was much appreciated at the IIFA awards function in Bangkok.

As if that werent enough shes been voted the sexiest woman in an online poll leaving both Indians and beauties round the world behind. You compliment her and she says with easy grace:

Its very sweet but these things are not to be taken seriously-its all very lighthearted and its peoples way of showing they support you.

it must make you feel good?

Yes at times when things are making you feel low it brightens up your life.

So you have brand new film coming?

Yes its also an all out entertainer - something people will enjoy.

How is Bollywood treating you?

Very well actually theres a welcoming acceptance and I am made to feel comfortable.

What do you do in your leisure?

Oh I catch up with all the new releases. I watch all the films and chill out relax nothing too serious.

Style icon at IIFA thats another feather in your cap!

[Laughs] I dont go over the top with these things. Its all in fun. You cant afford to take these things seriously.

You are considered a lucky mascot for producers?

Again its their magnanimity. The films Ive been in have succeeded well so Ive become lucky. I enjoy it thats all.

Katrina cancels her b'day plans with Salman

Katrina Kaif
The terrible weather in Ooty has one pleasant surprise in store for Katrina Kaif. She will be
celebrating her birthday (July 16) in Mumbai along with boyfriend Salman Khan. Initially,Salman was planning to fly down to Ooty on her special day. Says a source, "Salman had planned to take off a couple of days from the shooting of 10 Ka Dum and spend time with Kat in Ooty on her birthday. But now that the schedule is cancelled, Salman and Kat will be celebrating her birthday in Mumbai.

Katrina, who returned to Mumbai on Monday night confirms, "There was a lot of wind and rain in Ooty and the shooting was getting disrupted." Though Katrina feels birthdays are for children to celebrate she's happy to be in Mumbai and not Ooty.

"I am not sure if I will have a birthday party like last year as I don't like parties. Ideally, I'd like to go off for a couple of days to somewhere like Dubai as that's one of my favourite holiday
destinations." Quiz her about Sallu's presence on her birthday and Katrina says that she doesn't
like to talk on her personal life. "That's why I can never blog (like Sallu) as I don't like sharing my personal thoughts. My blogs would be empty."

Though boyfriend Sallu will be there to hold Kat's hand on her birthday, her sisters and mom might not be there. "Mom was with me at the London Zee awards and at IIFA. I was lucky to have her there as I was very unwell and on heavy medication. I had a viral and was burning up from inside but seeing mom's smile and her pride made it all worthwhile."

Katrina is planning to buy her "dream home" soon. "Being a Cancerean I love to be near water and I had always wanted to buy sea facing property. Unfortunately, my Bandra house is not sea-facing but I hope I will get my dream flat soon."

In spite of her hectic schedule Katrina finds time to watch Salman's TV show on Sony, 10 Ka Dum, from time to time. "It's a satisfying show, fun and cool. In fact, I knew of the American show as one of my sisters, Melissa, who is intellectual and studious, often plays that version in our hotel room."

Katrina Kaif : Fever Pitch!

Katrina Kaif
Trust Katrina Kaif to be a thorough professional. The actress was down with heavy viral fever during the IIFA Awards held in Bangkok recently. The doctors had advised her complete bed rest. The organisers wondered whether Katrina would be able to live up to her commitment and perform live for the event.

In fact, taking the doctor's advice into consideration the organisers too suggested that Kats should just take it easy and not perform at the show. But Kats being Kats, popped in some antibiotics and was on the go! It was all rock and roll from then on.

Retracting from a commitment was out of question for her. And the kind of performance Kats dished out, not once did the onlookers come to know that Kats was completely under the weather, Looking as fresh as the morning dew, she not only had the audience on her side, but also the producers and directors who were stunned by her professionalism.

Looks like it's the offers that are now 'heating up' for the lovely Katrina.

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